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On August 16, 2012 by maisonrose

We bounced a few ideas among ourselves over the week and we decided to go with the Guardians of Bergen Idea,  and and Stories of Bergen.







basically Guardians of Bergen is a platform where the residents of Bergen (especially children) to create a Guardian to protect a particular area in Bergen. How this will work is that the Participants will think of a an area in Bergen that needs some sort of intervention or protection , then they will design a guardian to protect that location. Then they give the guardian a Super power. Then they should submit the Guardian to joiner by texting to Guardians of Bergen 









We first tried to do a user testing amongst ourselves by trying to see if we could send images through Joiner ,unfortunately we cant send images through Joiner so we came up with a twitter Hashtag that we could use to submit the images. The hashtag is #GUARDIANSOF BERGEN

We designed this poster to explain our ideas, And to help us market our project to the residents. Finally we want to put up these guardians at the location they were designed for.








Our second idea is to collect the stories in Bergen , When Liz was walking around Bergen she picked up this paper that had someone’s life story written on it. We want to create an avenue where the people can submit personal anecdotes and spontaneous highlights of their day.

Naomi and I designed the Posters and Fliers for this Project.

I was personally incharge of designing the My Bergen Story Posters and Fliers


This was the first Poster

And this is the poster after the re-design






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