NY Film History game – Game proposal for my Street Meat class

On August 16, 2012 by maisonrose

1.What is the game?

Game designed mainly for tourist. Who go around solving riddles and discovering facts about NY film history.

2. Who are the players?

Tourists. Most tourist come to NY to see all the famous places and discover all new places they didn’t know.

3. How do you play the game?

The tourists / people participating sign up and get a username/ identification. They then go around the city looking for special stickers put in certain places.

Everytime they find a sticker they scan the qr code on the sticker or the log into the special url on the sticker, which leads them to a page with a riddle they need to solve.

Once they solve the riddle they are given clues of where they can find the next sticker.

The participants can choose whether they want to play individually, or if they want to compete with other contestants. By logging in they get to track their progress against the other contestants.

4. Where do I play it?

Where ever in the city that a movie has been filmed.

5. What do I win?

Well, nothing physical but the participants get to discover new cool places they never would have discovered on their own.

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