Guardians of the City Paper Prototype & Scavenger hunt playtest 1

On July 16, 2012 by maisonrose

We created a paper prototype for our scavenger hunt game.  The game could be set up within a contained area, like we did for this playtest on the 12th floor.  Idealistically however, we would like the Guardians to be spread through the city and people would stumble upon them.  Those that were interested could go to the website or those with smart phones could scan the QR code which would lead them to a place to enter a secret code.  Each Guardian is installed with a secret code, a word or phrase that relates to their powers and the place they protect.

On the website users will be able to enter the secret codes they’ve found by registering to join the Guardians of the City alliance.  To register one must fill out their name, email address, superpowers and location.  For each Guardian you discover and enter its secret code, your profile gains points.  When enough points are earned, prizes such as stickers and stuffed Guardians can be won.

We would love to connect all of the Guardians to an interactive map, so that people could see where they are and collect their secret codes.  The map key would distinguish between drawn, stuffed and statue Guardians.  The prototype below is coded in Processing.

Our group has been hard at work designing the digital interface for the scavenger hunt game.  On the simplest level there would just be a landing page on the website, to create your profile and collect points for prizes.  For the future however, we would like to build a more robust network of superheroes, each gaining superpoints by finding drawn and stuffed Guardians in public space, meeting up with other superheroes to combine powers and completing fun and good deeds in the community.

Scavenger Hunt Website Landing Page Mockup

Scavenger Hunt QR Code Landing Page Mockup

Larger Superhero Network Layout

Web and Mobile Layout Detail


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